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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
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Shanghai, China

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To reach me, you can call the number above, send email, or visit my office at #803, Building of School of Economics.  You can see a copy of my CV, read the bio below, or view some papers below.

Course Information


Advanced Macroeconomics I, a graduate level Macroeconomics course

Public Economics I, a graduate level Public Economics course

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics I, a graduate level Environmental and Natural Resource Economics course

资源与环境经济学 本科课程





Jijun Tan was born in Yangcheng, Shanxi, China.  After graduation from the First High School of Yangcheng in Yangcheng, Shanxi, China in 1991, he entered Shanxi University in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China.  He received the degree of Bachelor of Economics from Shanxi University in July 1995.  In September 1996, he entered the Guanghua School of Management at Beijing University in Beijing, China.  In July 1998, he received the degree of Master of Economics from Beijing University.  Then he worked in the Guoson Security Co. in Beijing for one year as an investment banker.  In August 2000, he entered the Graduate School in Economics at the University of Virginia.  He received a degree of Master of Arts from the University of Virginia in May 2001.  Then he transferred to the Graduate School in Economics at the University of Taxes at Austin in August 2001.  He defended his dissertation for his Ph. D. in Feb. 2006 there.

Published and Submitted Papers


Liu, D., Li, R. and Tan, J., 2012 “A dual measure of correlation between the Solow residual and output growth”, Journal of Productivity Analysis, Volume 37, Number 1: 17-25

Barassi, M., Tan, J. and Zhang, D., 2011 “Residual based tests for fractional co-integration: testing the term structure of interest rates”, revise and resubmit

Lin, L. and Tan, J., 2012 “Determinants of Effective Environmental Regulations: Evidence from China”, submitted




Working Papers


Gan, L. and Tan, J., 2011 “How does the Optimal Multiple-Bracket Income Tax Depend on Wage Inequality?”, working paper

Tan, J. and Zhao, J., 2011, “Does It Take the Olympics to Clean Up the Air? Surveying WTP for Clean Air in China Before and After the Beijing Olympics Games”, working paper

Jiang Z. and Tan, J., 2012 “How the Removal of Energy Subsidies Affects Price in China? A Study Based on Input-output Model”, working paper

Tan, J. 2011, “The Effect of the Corporate Income Tax on Organizational Forms”, working paper

Tan, J. 2011, “The Distributional Effects of a City’s Environmental Tax”, working paper






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